Weekly Events


In our weekly meetings, miracles happens, breakthroughs occur and the glory of the Lord is manifested tangibly. The sick receive healing, the financially distressed receive divine breakthroughs, evil foundations are uprooted, we encounter apostolic signs like recorded in the Book of Acts.  


Be a part of our events and encounter the same God of Israel whom we continue to encoutner in our midst. 

Bible Education



Weekly Bible Analysis and Discussion


At LightHill, we believe the Bible is the word of God given to all believers to serve as the lamp unto our feet and light unto our path. The lack of biblical proficiency has been a major reason for setbacks in the journey of many believers. Our bible education aims to build up believers with mastery of the word of God.


The Lighthill Bible Education is designed such that participants learn the word of God using practical methods. The classes are highly engaging, as participants are go through research, work on take-home assignments, participate in review of the word and learn the application of the word of God in everyday life. 


When: The program is integrated in our weekly Sunday Worship encounters.

Who:  All (members and friends of LightHill Church) are welcome to participate in this program.


If you desire to participate in the upcoming session, please send an email with subject BIBLE EDUCATION to amen@lighthill.church to request for the study guide in advance. 




Schedule of Events


Event Name: Prayer Strikes

When: Mondays 

Time: 7:00PM to 8:00PM Eastern Time

Venue: Conference Phone Number

Dial in: 443-201-7708



Event Name:Midnight Hour

Time: Fridays from 11:59PM to 1:00AM EST

Venue: Conference Phone Number

Dial in:  443-201-7708 



Event Name: Worship Encounters

When: Sundays

Time: 9:00 AM - 12 NOON EST 

Venue : (Greenbelt Elementary School) 66 Ridge Road, Greenbelt, MD 20770