we are an early-styled church, prophetic and worship-focused church providing an atmosphere to encounter god's presence.  at lighthill, deep prophetic worshippers are cultivated, bringing god's kingdom on earth 

worship Yhwh


Prophetic Worship is our DNA

LightHill is called to provide an atmosphere for you to encounter the manifold presence of God through worship.  prophetic encounters are divine encounters, where the giftings of God in the lives of worshippers are resurrected, refined and annointed for innovation with the power of God to bring forth God's glory on earth. Our worship encounters are marked with deliverance, healing and the revealtion of God's mysteries in the Word of God. Expect varying encounters as worship encouters are led by the Holy Spirit.  

"From Lighthill's worship altars, we're taking  the spirit of worship everywhere we go"

Living a Life of Sacrifice

This month, Pastor Abigail Ebenezer-Gabriels shares the teaching becoming a living sacrifice. Like Jesus, the worshipper is called to a life of holy living and the purity of service by availing the temple of their body as a dwellign place of God, and the ministeration of Jesus the High priest


Worship Through Arts & Creativity

"The first session there was an incident where my drawing style momentarily switched and my entire perspective on the art I was making grew - it was when I drew the hand of Jesus and it was almost like the Holy Spirit told me to think in terms of form instead of line. Then I had a similar experience the second session when I laid down the first color layer for the cherubim man - i laid down a flat color layer, but the Holy Spirit showed me I could lay down a gradation layer by using more water and have less work to do the next layer. This Saturday, I felt the Holy Spirit inspired me when I sketched out the lions paw and the penmanship had a more expressive and rounded character than the style I usually use when sketching"


Worship through Sounds

During the Bible session some of the key ideas that stuck with me is the idea that everything you do is worship and you should use everything you do as a form of worship by always striving for excellence. My goal is to make sure that everyone else's worship session is as powerful and impactful as possible and this helps elevate my own worship session as well. I felt that particularly during this worship session I was able to balance the gains of the various elements to heighten the worship experience for all.


Worship in the Marketplace

Worship God through your gifting in the marketplace. Become an ambassador of Jesus and a worshipper  in business, in technology, in government, in leadership, in policy formation and by bringing heaven's innovation on earth. Lighthill is cultivating worshippers who bring heaven's design to the earth

Ask for Prayer

Request prayers for you, your family or nation. God has called Lighthill into prophetic intercession, and we are happy to agree with you in prayers. Send your prayer requests to us, and we will bring your request to God's presence. We also agree that your joy may be full, and all the seeks to stand as a barrier between you and the pure worship of the Lord would be taken away, at the decree of the name of Jesus. Email: Amen@lighthill.church. 

Inner Healing & Deliverance

Oppression, satanic strongholds, curses and unexplained battles seeks to steal the joy of God's presence and hinders God's people from worship. It is God desire for you to live above reproach and oppression. Inner healing and deliverance is a requisite to enter into the realm of deep worship, and Lighthill's door is open for you to encounter God's healing and deliverance in one of our healing rooms session



The Saturday Morning Prophetic Worship is a powerful gathering God meets His people in the depths of worship. This is a time of soaking in worship, getting washed by the anointed Word of God, and encountering the Lord in the realm of the prophetic.


Throne Room Worship encounters meets at 7:30PM onsite and combines worship, themed-deliverance prayers, prophetic ministry and intercession for the nation, businesses, leaders, marriages and singles. 


Healing rooms are integrated into our worship sessions while prophecy rooms usually begins around 11am on Saturdays.  It's designed to deliver God's words through prophecies from annointed prophets of God. 


Worship Unto Deliverance (WUD) is a special worship gathering prophetically established by the Lord. The WUD sessions are charged by power of the Holy Spirit, featuring deep worship, anointed word, prophetic ministry and deliverance sessions. Worshippers are cultivated and deliverance is certain at WUD, these are God's decree over every WUD event and we testify to this by the numerous breakthroughs reported. This special event takes places every two months

Prophetic Poems of the Month: The Range of Waters into Your Presence 

The prophetic poetry is a ministry of Lighthill's Prophetic Art Minitsry. The prophetic poet writes about the three ranges of water the worshipper travels to at various times of their worship journey to the presence of God - bringint to remeemberance, the worship of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David and his descendants, sons and daughters of Judah and Jesus, the Son of God.

Range of Waters into Your Presence

By the Wells

 Break through the rock  That the waters may spring forth 

 The wells of Abraham 

By the wells The wells of Isaac The wells,  

The wells of Jacob  

There's an end to drought  

There's an end to famine  

By the wells, the Son of God drank  What draws you to the well of Jacob, Thou Son of God? 

The presence of the Lord draws you to the well of your Fathers 

By the Waters 

I see the brilliance of your wonders By the waters, 

I hear the clarity of your voice 

The deers are swift to where the waters are gathered 

What draws you to the waters o deer? 

The presence of the Lord draws the deer to the waters 

Let the waters gathers 

Break through the dams 

That streams may flow And streams turn rivers 

That worship may flow 

What draws you to the rivers, oh daughter of Judah 

What draws you to the rivers, oh son of Judah 

What draws you to the rivers, oh descendant of David

 The thirst for the presence of God, draws you to the rivers 

Flow rivers flow Flow Worship flow Flow Worship flow

called into leadership, teaching, or innovation? It's all worship

Express the Worship in You