Officially Open for Private Prayers: Welcome to the Prayer Wall at LightHill Church

The Prayer Wall is a prophetic destination of the prayer ministry at LightHill Church. The Prayer Wall began as a base for global intercession missions where prophetic intercessors lifted up their cups to the heavenly, for a refill of the Holy Spirit, and from where the incense of prayers mixed with deeper worship and the Word of God ascended to the Throneroom of God.  Prophetic Intercessors have committed more than 70 weeks of prayer-worship and word decrees upon the prayer walls - praying over the atmosphere of nations, the permeation of the Word of God over the nations and decreeing a setting free for the prisoners of hope across nations. 


Where Praying-Worshippers Wait Upon The Lord

"A  new generation of Praying-Worshippers are being rising up, and worship altars are built across nations". The Prayer Wall at LightHill is a place to intentionally wait upon the Lord, a place of God's fresh breath, where the life of God is released over the nations, and where captives of territories receive the power to be set free. It's such an awesome place of God's display of His Awesome works

The Saints Praying Over Battle Grounds for the Release of Withheld Treasures